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Our Employees - Get to Know Us

Our employees are the compass that leads to our business success. They are also the most passionate ambassadors for our mission and culture. Read what it's like working at Keurig Green Mountain (Keurig) from members and team across the company, like our Director of Marketing within the Hot Appliance team, our VP of Procurement, our Senior Manager for Keurig.com, our Director of Category Management, the Brewer Electronics and Software Team, and our Digital Marketing Director, Jim.

Meet Chris, Keurig Green Mountain's Director of Marketing within the Hot Appliance Team!

 Meet Chris, Director of Marketing

“I have been with Keurig Green Mountain for four and a half years. I came into the company as a Program Manager within the Technology organization. I lead the launch of the 2.0 platform and then had the opportunity to transfer over to work in Product Management within the Hot Appliance Team.The Product Management team is responsible for understanding consumer needs, business needs, technology capabilities, and balancing these inputs to identify gaps in our product offerings.  Once we understand consumer needs and gaps, we work cross-functionally to develop plans to develop new products or fix issues with existing products. We focus on delighting consumers to increase household penetration and adoption of the Keurig® system.”

Q. As the Director of Marketing within the Hot Appliance Team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day to day basis?

A. “We interact with all of the teams across the organization. We spend more time with the teams focused on the appliance – US and Canadian Commercial teams, Engineering, Appliance Sourcing, Appliance Quality and Contract Manufacturing, Keurig® brand, and Finance. We also work with PR, Legal, Beverage Development, and Beverage Brand teams when projects require interaction between Appliance and Beverage.”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. "Getting to work on products that you can talk about with your family.  Also I love being able to connect with people in my life around the product and hearing their pros, cons, and experience since our products are so widely used."

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in Product Management at Keurig?

A. “We are the general managers of the business.  To be an effective general manager in a consumer product company you need to understand the consumer and be comfortable making business strategy decisions that enable the team to meet its business goals while delivering products that delight the consumer. Much of our work involves leading cross-functional teams in product development efforts and product strategy decisions. We need people that have demonstrated the ability to lead a cross-functional team. Keurig is a dynamic company.  We have ambitious goals. Anytime you work in a company that is driving growth there is bound to be change. Anyone that joins Keurig and the Product Management needs to be flexible and able to deal with change. Keurig Green Mountain is both an appliance business and a consumer product business. The combination is one of our greatest strengths but makes it a relatively complex business. To be successful in our business and on our team you need to be able to communicate with many different teams to successfully drive the business and understand all implications of the change you are trying to make.”

Q. In what ways is working for Keurig like working for a small company and in what ways is it like working for a company that operates internationally?

A. “We work in small teams that are focused on a single development effort or part of the business. Each member of the team has the ability to make an impact on the part of the business they are working on. However, we have resources and size to fund new innovations and ideas to magnify the impact of the work the teams are doing.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A. "Aligning all of the stakeholders on the Product Plan and then transitioning from the plan to getting each team kicked off is the most challenging.  Aligning the organization around the Product Plan requires translating business insights, market insights, and consumer insights into a set of Products and release timing.”

Q. How do you see the Hot Appliance Team contributing to the future success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “The Appliance Product Management team leads the effort to define the Product Plan. We then lead the development efforts to launch products defined on the plan. If we are successful, the products we develop and launch will drive growth of the installed base. Installed base growth is essential for a healthy ecosystem as it allows Keurig partners to grow and increase the likelihood that they stay in the system.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA?

A. “With two teenage boys at home all of my time goes to driving them to their baseball and hockey practices and games.  It offers a lot of great family time but not a lot of time to enjoy much else around the area!”

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Meet Rob, VP of Procurement at Keurig Green Mountain

 Meet Rob, VP of Procurement

“Our team is focused on establishing relationships with contract and ODM manufacturers for our Keurig® brewers and our accessory business. Beyond dealing with contract manufacturing partners we continuously work to find and establish sources of supply for critical elements like our printed circuit boards, hot water tanks, and other mechanical components and critical materials for the brewer structure and/or fit and finish of the brewer.

Our job is not just about finding and contracting suppliers – it’s about really being a steward of the relationship we have with those suppliers as we work together on new product development or on the sustaining support for products that we already produce.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA?

A. “The Boston area has a lot of great micro-breweries and microbrew pubs where you can go and sample cutting-edge craftsmanship that brewers are putting out. However, being my home is in VT, I am proud to say my home is a place where craft brewing has achieved great heights. Some of the best brewers in the world are in Vermont and Massachusetts so when I have a chance I like to go down and see what they are doing as they push boundaries of what we’ve known as a pretty standard thing. I consider a lot of the folks getting into brewing to be artisans.

You also can’t beat Boston from a multi-cultural and multi-opportunity standpoint. If you have a free moment, whether it’s a sporting event or an art exhibit or getting down to the waterfront and just enjoying the scenery or the fantastic food, there is so much to do both at night and during the day. Boston is also a college city so it is a vibrant, youthful town and one of the oldest cities in the country full of rich heritage. You can’t get much better than a place like Boston where you can find literally anything you would like to do within a 30-minute drive or train ride.”

Q. As part of the Product Component Sourcing team what other teams do you actively work with on a day to day basis?

A. “As a part of the Appliance and Accessory business, the cross-functional leadership team, and the overarching cross-functional business team, we are in the midst of implementing Agile teams, also known as lean product development teams. As such we are establishing what we call squads, or product teams. These groups are cross-functional teams empowered to deliver on our appliance and accessory product objectives.

With that in mind, our Procurement teams are engaging in those squads and are working with a pretty broad cross-section of the business. These teams are working with individuals and groups from product leadership, all the way through quality, contract manufacturing, engineering, finance, and marketing. Our Agile product squads really give everyone a chance to work collaboratively in a dynamic, cross- functional team environment while still having their primary roles and responsibilities, but sharing objectives as a product team. From time-to-time team members need to flex and think and work like a marketer, or like someone from quality, or someone who has responsibility for putting together the brewer P&L statements. Every day is different.”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. "I think my favorite perk is the talent and the people we have assembled as part of this organization. It is truly second-to-none in my experience. Working at Keurig Green Mountain, you will always find yourself engaged and surrounded with some of the most talented people you’ll find in the industry, working together to solve the challenges of the day and the challenges of achieving our strategic objective. It is amazing to me the breadth and depth of experience and raw intellectual horsepower that we have assembled in this organization. I find it energizing and exciting when you can roll up your sleeves and work to accomplish a difficult objective knowing that not only will the objective be challenging, but you will also be challenged by your team and by thoughtful potential new approaches and innovative ways to solve problems. It is great to be surrounded by the type of people we have been able to bring into Keurig so far and we hope to find more of the same to join our team in the future. ”

Q. How have you been able to grow within the company and continue to develop over the past 4 years?

A. “I have a bumper sticker slogan that I share with my team quiet regularly, I call it “embrace change and stay open to the possibilities.” If you look around the time that I joined Keurig, we were at a period of dynamic and dramatic growth as a business. The same can be said for today with a renewed focus on coffee.

We are going to remain a dynamic environment; I have no doubt about that. From a change perspective, we have a number of transformational objectives within Procurement, the broader supply chain organization, and definitely at the enterprise level that are going to challenge us and drive us to continue to change. I think in that mode, if you stay open to the possibilities, you will find that there are some interesting opportunities that emerge in solving those business challenges and achieving those business objectives. That’s the way I have operated in my first four years here and it has given me the opportunity to work on some pretty interesting initiatives while taking on some interesting and challenging positions.”

Q.What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in within your team at Keurig?

A. “We are looking for team members to join us to expand our capabilities and capacity so we can deliver against some aggressive growth objectives. We are looking for someone who wants to be part of what I see as a fun and challenging ride as we look to capitalize on the opportunities to substantially grow our overall business. With the combination of significant growth objectives and significant change, we need somebody that brings innovative thought to the table. Additionally, we are in the midst of transforming, so we need someone who is going to come in and challenge our ways of working to push us to become better day in and day out, as oppose to looking for our normal operating routines, processes, and methodologies.

If you enjoy the challenge transformation can bring and are willing to roll up your sleeves and be a part of establishing new ways of working, ways to be more efficient, and ways to be more effective in our procurement activities and overall appliance team, this is the place for you!”

Q. What do you think people are most surprised about when they first join Keurig?

A."We try to be as transparent as possible about our teams’ ways of working, our strengths, and our challenges, so when you come in the door you’re not surprised. Our goal is that through those transparent conversations, someone who is considering Keurig as a potential employer of choice is well armed with who we are, what we are doing, and how we are going to go about accomplishing our objectives so when they join they feel they got what they signed up for and are coming from a very well informed place.”

Q.What is the most challenging part about your role?

A. “While we have started on this path of deploying lean product development and Agile product development squads we are in the process of working through that transition while at the same time trying to deliver against accelerated and increased expectations of a bigger more exciting portfolio of new products to our consumers.

This creates challenges because if you have stable work processes and stable organizational constructs and you say, “Alright but let’s go do more,” that can be quiet challenging in itself. We are currently transforming in two ways: the way we work, and how much work we are capable of delivering as far as products in the marketplace. You have to come in everyday prepared for either or both of those things to present challenges and it requires a level of energy and engagement that is unique.”

Q. Your team is currently searching for a New Product Development role and a Global Sourcing Commodity Manager, what do you hope this person would bring to the greater team?

A. “For the New Product Development role we are really looking for someone to come in as a member of one or more of our Agile product teams and to partner with their cross=functional teammates to deliver against our new product development objectives for the appliance and accessories business. We are also looking for them to partner with our contract manufacturers and our established and potential suppliers. Someone in this role will also need to partner at a fairly high level with the leadership and execution teams from one or more of our category manufacturers or ODM partners to be successful.

For the Global Sourcing Commodity Manager we are looking for someone who brings a level of expertise in several, if not all, of the following areas to help us establish category strategies and deal with the risk and opportunities in the current and prospective supply base: valves, motors, pumps, switches, and sensors. In many cases the person in this role will partner with both our Asian team, who can be a source for finding regional sources of supply, and also with our CMs and ODMs, to make sure these suppliers are integrated into the business. In short, you’re not managing the build of the product but dealing with the critical components that are vital to our brewer performance and ensuring that we have a stable and capable supply base.”

Q. How do you see your team contributing to the future success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “At the end of the day you can take all of our strategy and reduce it to a handful of simple goals, one of which is to increase household penetration. To do that we have to develop and deliver new brewer innovation that’s going to address the needs of consumers. Our team plays a vital role in ensuring that we have the right partners in both the development and production of those new products to ultimately deliver winning products in the marketplace for our customers and consumers and to drive the growth in household penetration that we are looking to achieve while giving consumers products that they are going to love.”

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Meet Andy, Senior Manager of Keurig.com

 Meet Andy, Senior Manager for Keurig.com

“As a Senior Manager for Keurig.com, my role with Keurig Green Mountain is to make sure we have the right products and pricing that our consumers want, and introduce them to new things they might like. I do that by telling them the story behind our coffee makers and the 45+ beverage brands we offer on Keurig.com.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA

A. “Personally, there are a ton of options to do with kids. I have two girls, one ten and one 7, and we love sea glass hunting on the beach. Like many New Englanders, we take full advantage of all four seasons: skiing in the winter, apple picking in the fall, and pretty much just eating all-year-round! When in Boston, we love eating in the North End at Bacco.”

Q. As part of the E-Commerce Team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day to day basis?

A. “We work a lot with the Brand and Commercialization teams. On the Keurig.com team, we wear two hats – growing the business through sales, and extending the brand. Therefore, we try to lead with brand and breadth of assortment messages versus leading with price. Partnering with other internal teams is super important to make sure we execute on those two priorities. ”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. "I love CAFE Time (our employee volunteer program). I coach soccer, so it’s a great benefit that lets me continue to do something I’m passionate about.”

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in E-Commerce at Keurig?

A. “Just do it! E-Commerce is one of the pillars that drives Keurig’s overall growth, so getting experience with online channels will help accelerate your career. ”

Q. In what ways is working for Keurig like working for a small company and in what ways is it like working for a company that operates internationally?

A. “It feels like a small company when we’re working on a big initiative, and we can ensure everyone is on the same page. On the flip side, working for Keurig feels like working for a large international company when we work with our Canadian team, which is awesome because we get the opportunity to pick up on a lot of their entrepreneurial ideas.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A."Carrying the corporate flag and driving sales at the same time. They work together in many ways, but we always have to be careful that we don’t sacrifice one area for the other.”

Q.How do you see the E-Commerce Team contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “The E-Commerce team will be pivotal in driving new coffee maker sales and getting consumers to adopt our technology. We’re going to lead by leveraging product innovation and by having the widest assortment of coffee.”

Q. Your team is currently searching for an E-Commerce Merchandising Manager, what do you hope this person would bring to the greater team?

A. “We are looking for an entrepreneur that can both drive our brand stories and grow market share. More importantly, someone who can manage the business via the numbers, interpret results, and use that knowledge to drive future growth. They don’t necessarily need an E-Commerce background, but an understanding of how consumers shop online is certainly important!”

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Meet John Martin, Keurig Green Mountain's Director of Category Management

 Meet John, Director of Category Management

“I started with Keurig over seven years ago at an analyst-level and had the opportunity to rotate through a variety of roles prior to moving into the role I have today as Director of Category Management in our Burlington, MA office.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA

A. “When I first moved to Massachusetts from New Jersey, I lived in the North End for two years. The thing that stood out to me immediately is that Boston has more of a town than a city feel, which I really enjoyed. I still like to go into Boston as often as possible and visit my favorite restaurant in the North End, Neptune Oyster. ”

Q. As part of the Category Management team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day to day basis?

A. “ Just about everyone! We work with the Sales, Beverage and Brewer Commercialization, Revenue Growth Management, and Brand teams on a daily basis. Our team is responsible for developing trusted relationships across our customer base by delivering fact- and insight-based recommendations and solutions to drive mutual category and brand growth.”

Q. How have you been able to grow within the company and continue to develop over the past seven years?

A. "I was fortunate to join Keurig Green Mountain at a time when we had a lot fewer resources, allowing me the opportunity to touch and impact a wide variety of areas in the business. I have been able to work in four different cross-functional areas with a variety of different teams with consistent exposure to senior leaders throughout my time with Keurig. This presents a unique opportunity for anyone that joins Keurig to work across a variety teams and quickly learn multiple functions in the business. ”

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in Category Management at Keurig?

A. “Customer facing experience is incredibly valuable for any career in CPG. Outside of Sales, Category Management is one of the only other functions within organizations that provide consistent opportunities to get out in front of a customer. Category Management is a great opportunity to get customer-facing experience in your career, especially for those with a strong analytics and insights background.”

Q. Having been with Keurig for over seven years, what do you think people are most surprised about when they first join Keurig?

A. “I think people are surprised about the strength of our expertise and involvement in the coffee and small appliance categories. I think new employees are often surprised about our size in the marketplace and the extent of our partner relationships within hot beverages.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A."We are a fast-moving and fast-growing company, which means you have to expect things are going to change rapidly. Every day presents a new challenge and new projects and you need to be flexible and open in your thinking while remaining very organized. ”

Q. How do you see the Category Management Team contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “Our team has the ability to build and maintain trust with our customer base by bringing unique and differentiated insights that help to grow our mutual businesses. As a Category Management team, we are expected to have an expert understanding of category dynamics and have a direct ability to help influence product assortment, merchandising, pricing, and shelving across the hot beverage and small appliance categories.”

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Meet the Keurig Green Mountain Brewer Electronics and Software Team

 Meet our Brewer Electronics and Software Team

“We go by the name "the BEAST", which is short for the Brewer Electronics and Software Team. We have more than 20 Electrical, Software, and Test Engineers and we work as an integrated Embedded Systems development group alongside other engineering disciplines to deliver the best user experience possible. This includes all the custom hardware and software to manage the creation of a Keurig® beverage, such as our Perfect is Personal™ quiz, ensure consistent and safe operation of our coffee makers, and hide the complexity of the system behind a simple user interface. We enable the creation of a wide range of products by developing a family of core technology platforms that can be customized for specific user needs or retail channel differentiation.”

Q. What are some of your favorite things to do in the cities surrounding our Massachusetts and Vermont offices?

A. “In Boston, we enjoy taking in a Red Sox game at Fenway, attending a Boston Symphony Orchestra performance at Symphony Hall or Tanglewood, eating all the fried seafood at The Clam Box in Ipswich or Woodman’s and JT Farnham’s in Essex, exploring the North End, or leaf peeping in the fall in the Berkshires! In Vermont, you can find us hiking, skiing, visiting the Ben and Jerry’s Factory, enjoying local craft beers, or eating at the many farm-to-table restaurants. ”

Q.In what ways is working for Keurig Green Mountain like working for a small company and in what ways is it like working for a globally internationally known company?

A. “ We feel like a big company because we have the resources that we need to do our job. Also, Keurig® brand recognition is high, so when you say you work at Keurig Green Mountain, people know it. You see Keurig® products everywhere you go! We also feel like a small company because the engineering organization is small enough that you can be involved in the full product development life cycle and know everyone else working on the product team. We also emphasize rapid continuous improvement.”

Q.What is challenging about your work as a leader within Appliance & Pod Development?

A. According to Cameron, Senior Director of Engineering: “I have always enjoyed the challenge of making products for the consumer marketplace – including the challenges. One example is having to work through the trade-offs required to provide a great product on a schedule defined by consumer shopping patterns (i.e. in time for the holiday season) and still ending up with something that your friends and neighbors want.”

Q.What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig Green Mountain (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. “The health and wellness benefits are great! In Massachusetts, we even have an onsite gym.”

Q.What do you think people are surprised about the most when they first join Keurig?

A. “New team members are most surprised by the impact that our volumes have on everything we do here. Not many people come to Keurig Green Mountain with experience at our volumes, both pods and coffee makers. By producing millions of makers each year, we really need to pay attention to all of the details of the design in order to make sure every consumer has a quality experience.”

Q.How do you see your role (or currently open roles) contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. According to Cameron, Senior Director of Engineering:“My biggest contribution is helping my team members succeed in their roles and helping them grow, whether that's providing guidance, removing impediments, refining processes, or just listening.”

Q.How do you see your team contributing to the future success of Keurig?

A. “We’re contributing to the company’s future in many ways – but only some we can talk about. One exciting project is our development of an Internet Connected Keurig® coffeemaker, which is currently used in some of our consumer insights panels. We’re exploring how this technology can enhance our conversations with our users and deliver valuable experiences, as well as retail customers, and beverage brand partners.”

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Meet our Keurig.com Sr. Manager, E-Commerce, Andy

 Meet our Digital Marketing Director, Jim

“My role as the Director of Digital Marketing is to manage the digital marketing team within the Keurig.com E-Commerce group. We are responsible for the acquisition and retention of customers shopping for our brewers and hundreds of varieties of coffee. My team also manages our incredibly popular Auto Delivery program, which is an easy and flexible coffee subscription service that offers great discounts.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA?

A. “I feel like my family and I are in the city every weekend! I’m a big fan of the museums, we are at the Museum of Fine Arts a lot, my kids love it and it is one of my favorite spots in Boston. The other part that I think is really cool to explore is what’s called the Emerald Necklace, which is basically all of these parks that form a ring around the city. They go through the Fenway area and sort of wrap all around the city. I find that people don’t always know about it. You’re in the middle of an urban area and there’s all this beautiful parkland that you can explore!”

Q. As part of the Digital Marketing Team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day-to-day basis?

A. “What I love about this role is that we interact with so many teams, from the technology groups who keep our site and our marketing platforms running smoothly, to the creative and user experience teams that make Keurig.com look great and easy to use, and our product merchandising group – just to name a few. We also work with the teams doing our campaigns on TV and other types of media to make sure we can provide a great experience for those customers who see the campaign and then come to our site. I’m sure I’ve left a few groups out! Everyone here is incredibly collaborative and very friendly.”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. “The free coffee is awesome! Beyond that, I love the CAFE (Community Action For Employees) program, which is 52 paid volunteer hours a year that each employee can use for the charity of their choice. It’s an amazing benefit, I love that we have it – I think it says a lot about our culture. I am currently planning an event for our team to participate in. It’s been cool learning what causes people are interested in and how they spend their CAFÉ time.”

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in Digital Marketing at Keurig?

A. “In digital marketing it’s critically important to stay current on the latest trends. The industry moves so quickly and things are constantly changing so anyone interested in joining the team here has to stay on top of what’s happening in E-Commerce, digital marketing, social media, and in particular look at how other brands are using digital marketing, not just coffee brands but best-in-class experiences across other industries.”

Q.Being still relatively new to the company, what were you most surprised about when you first joined Keurig?

A. “It’s really amazing how well organized everything is and how process-focused we are. So you have this great brand and this product that people are passionate about, and behind it is a very efficient, data driven company. The second thing was how much we embrace the idea of testing. Many places talk about testing but here it’s a part of the culture. We test everything – every campaign, every site change, every new function. People here are very enthusiastic about trying new things, provided we test rigorously and have data to back it up, which is smart.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A. “The biggest challenge we have is that the product we sell on Keurig.com you can buy at a number of other places. You can go to Amazon, Target, and other retailers that we have close relationships with, so we’re in this very unique position where we are a brand site, we are a direct manufacturer’s site, but we are not the only option for buying our product. On the E-Commerce side, this pushes us to differentiate ourselves – we can’t just be yet another site that sells our brewers and coffee, we need to go beyond the products and bring more value to our customers. Drinking coffee is an experience, a moment of relaxation by yourself or valuable time you spend with friends or family. People are passionate about their coffee. If we’re doing our job right, we’re enabling those experiences by helping people find coffee varieties that they like and doing more storytelling to explain why our coffee and our brewers are worth having. It helps that we can offer such a wide variety of brands like Starbucks®, Dunkin Donuts®, Peets®, Newman’s Own®, Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man®, and of course Green Mountain Coffee®, and a ton more.”

Q. How do you see the Digital Marketing Team contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “Above all, we need to help educate people on the benefits of switching from a tradition coffee maker to a single serve coffee maker. Right now there are a lot of households out there that don’t understand why they should switch. We have a responsibility to communicate that we do offer high quality coffee, a lot of brands to choose from, and that using our machines is a quick, convenient, easy way to have a great cup of coffee. I think we can do a lot to tell the story for why people should want to switch which will ultimately contribute to the success of Keurig.”

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