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Going Beyond Responsibility

Our supply chain spans the world, from farms in the coffee bean belt that circles the globe to the factories across Asia and Europe that build our appliances and other products.

Our commitment to producing coffees that deliver the richest aromas and flavors begins at the start of the sourcing process. The quality of our coffee is directly related to the quality of the relationships we build with coffee farmers around the world.

Our manufacturing supply chain is very different from our agricultural supply chain. But whether farm or factory, our approach remains consistent: We engage with suppliers directly and build trusting relationships through long-term commitments.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Relationships with suppliers are critical to communicating our Responsible Sourcing Supplier Guidelines and meeting our high standards for quality, safety, and social and environmental responsibility. We aim to provide our suppliers, their employees, and their communities with the skills and tools they need to build a foundation of resilience that will improve business practices and livelihoods.