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Supply Chain Grantmaking

The mission of Keurig’s Agricultural Supply Chain Community Outreach program is to improve livelihoods of people in communities where Keurig’s products originate in order to promote the long-term supply of quality agricultural inputs, through programs that reduce poverty and hunger, improve agricultural practices, and promote environmental sustainability.  While traditionally our focus has been on coffee-growing communities, we have expanded our program scope to communities that produce other ingredients for our beverages, and have launched a similar program with manufacturing supply chains of Keurig brewers and component parts.

Our support directly engages farmers, workers, and their families through investments in programs that advance:

  1. Whole-farm Planning and Production:  Promote integrated agricultural extension services that build farmer capacity to sustainably increase yields and quality of their anchor crop (i.e., coffee), while also encouraging income diversification, strengthening their resilience to external shocks and food scarcity.  Complement this agronomic assistance with educational programs on food security and nutrition.
  2. Water Stewardship and Climate Resilience: Increase access to potable water for supply chain communities and improve water management for productive use in watersheds where we source.  Promote climate- and water-smart production practices and the optimal use of resources to protect ecosystems and improve producer's ability to adapt to climate change.
  3. Strong Rural Organizations:  Strengthen the capacity of farmer organizations’ to provide value-added services to farmers, including access to credit, agronomic assistance, inputs, quality assurance, and differentiated market channels.

Within our programming, we will support gender and generational inclusion as a cross-cutting theme, by creating preferential opportunities for women and next generation farmers in our supply chain, especially as it relates to rights or access issues.

See Supply Chain Outreach Grantmaking Guidelines for more information. Keurig Green Mountain requires all grant recipients to report on the expenditure of grant funds and progress of the project. Reporting expectations and requirements are outlined in the Keurig Green Mountain Monitoring & Evaluation Guide in English. The primary objective of the guide is to facilitate more standardized reporting of progress, impacts, changes and/or needs of Keurig Green Mountain-funded Supply Chain Community Outreach projects.

Keurig Green Mountain’s application process is by invitation only. We no longer offer an open letter of intent for unsolicited proposals.