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Brewing Transformation™

At Keurig, sustainability is a key driver as we aim to
Brew a Better World.


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Supply Chains

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Our People and

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Getting to 100%

Recyclable K-Cup® pods are rolling off our production lines, with more available every year until we reach 100% by the end of 2020. We’re converting more than 100 packaging lines across seven manufacturing facilities to produce the new pods. But we want to do more than produce a K-Cup® pod that’s recyclable in theory: We want our pods to be effectively recycled.

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Designing for Recyclability
Improving Recycling Systems
Driving Continued Innovation

We aim to improve livelihoods in our coffee supply chain through the following focus areas:

Improving Farming Techniques
Addressing Local Water Issues and Planning for Changes in Climate
Strengthening Farmer Organizations

Improving Farmer Livelihoods

From Colombia to Sumatra, our work with coffee-farming communities is integral to our success as a business. We support coffee farmers and their families so they can improve their livelihoods and strengthen their farms.

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Back to the Source

One of the best ways to engage employees and help them understand the full impact of our business is to take them to where it all begins: the coffeelands. For 20-plus years, Keurig has been taking groups of employees to coffee-farming communities around the world to get a firsthand look at where our coffee comes from.

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Sustainability at Keurig Green Mountain

Across our supply chain and within our own operations, we strive to make the world a better place. We’re making strong progress toward attaining our 2020 sustainability targets, including making 100% of K-Cup® pods recyclable.

Learn more about our fiscal 2016 progress toward our 2020 sustainability targets.

These targets are essential to our Company’s success and to helping us
Brew a Better World.
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Engage 1 million people in our supply chains to significantly improve their livelihoods, including water security and climate resilience.


People engaged to significantly improve their livelihoods.

Balance 100% of the water used in our 2020 brewed beverage volume in all our beverages, ounce for ounce.


The percentage of water we helped restore to people and nature based on the water used in our beverages in fiscal 2016 — a total of 707 million gallons.

Source 100% of primary agricultural and manufactured products according to established Keurig Green Mountain responsible sourcing guidelines.



Coffee traceable

Coffee sustainably certified

Reduce life-cycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of brewed beverages by 25% vs. 2012 baseline.

Target met! We will develop a new goal per an updated 2015 baseline while continuing to focus on operating efficiency and improved emissions measurement.

Engage 100% of employees to understand our vision and values and present opportunities that allow them to contribute to our targets.


of employees engaged in a sustainability program or education initiative.

Achieve zero waste-to-landfill at our owned and operated manufacturing and distribution facilities.


Manufacturing waste diversion rate (up from 88% in 2015).

100% of K-Cup® pods
will be recyclable by the end of 2020.

First recyclable K-Cup® pods available in 2016. All Canadian K-Cup® pods will be recyclable by the end of 2018.

Learn more about sustainability at Keurig Green Mountain in our Fiscal 2016 Sustainability Report.