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Blue Harvest

January 5, 2015

Without water there is no coffee. This is true for brewing coffee and growing coffee. We have an interest in both - a quality supply of coffee and good quality water for our consumers to brew a perfect beverage through the Keurig® brewing system.

In fiscal 2014, Keurig Green Mountain funded a new program to restore and manage water resources in coffee-producing areas of Central America called Blue Harvest. Blue Harvest is a three-year program coordinated by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) that expands the Global Water Initiative (GWI) in Central America to restore and manage water resources in coffee-producing areas. The premise of this program is that, “good coffee management is good water management.”

Keurig Green Mountain, CRS, and local partners selected seven priority watersheds in areas where we source coffee in El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. The objectives of the program are to:
  1. Restore and protect water resources to improve the quality and quantity of water
  2. Promote sustainable, water-smart coffee farming in critical watersheds
  3. Enable effective local water governance
With improved watershed management and coffee production practices in these seven zones, we can improve the drinking water for over 150,000 people.

Learn more about our efforts to create a Resilient Supply Chain here.

[Image courtesy of CRS: Ever Fuentes, above, is a farm owner in Ciudad Barrios, Cacahuatique (El Salvador). He is working with Blue Harvest and local municipal leaders to improve the management of the spring and water holding tank on his coffee farm that provides water for five communities. Ever does not receive any financial or technical assistance to improve water infiltration on the farm, but is committed to protecting the source.]

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