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Meet Andy, Senior Manager for Keurig.com

December 4, 2017

Meet Andy, Senior Manager of Keurig.com

“As a Senior Manager for Keurig.com, my role with Keurig Green Mountain is to make sure we have the right products and pricing that our consumers want, and introduce them to new things they might like. I do that by telling them the story behind our coffee makers and the 45+ beverage brands we offer on Keurig.com.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA

A. “Personally, there are a ton of options to do with kids. I have two girls, one ten and one 7, and we love sea glass hunting on the beach. Like many New Englanders, we take full advantage of all four seasons: skiing in the winter, apple picking in the fall, and pretty much just eating all-year-round! When in Boston, we love eating in the North End at Bacco.”

Q. As part of the E-Commerce Team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day to day basis?

A. “We work a lot with the Brand and Commercialization teams. On the Keurig.com team, we wear two hats – growing the business through sales, and extending the brand. Therefore, we try to lead with brand and breadth of assortment messages versus leading with price. Partnering with other internal teams is super important to make sure we execute on those two priorities. ”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. "I love CAFE Time (our employee volunteer program). I coach soccer, so it’s a great benefit that lets me continue to do something I’m passionate about.”

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in E-Commerce at Keurig?

A. “Just do it! E-Commerce is one of the pillars that drives Keurig’s overall growth, so getting experience with online channels will help accelerate your career. ”

Q. In what ways is working for Keurig like working for a small company and in what ways is it like working for a company that operates internationally?

A. “It feels like a small company when we’re working on a big initiative, and we can ensure everyone is on the same page. On the flip side, working for Keurig feels like working for a large international company when we work with our Canadian team, which is awesome because we get the opportunity to pick up on a lot of their entrepreneurial ideas.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A."Carrying the corporate flag and driving sales at the same time. They work together in many ways, but we always have to be careful that we don’t sacrifice one area for the other.”

Q.How do you see the E-Commerce Team contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “The E-Commerce team will be pivotal in driving new coffee maker sales and getting consumers to adopt our technology. We’re going to lead by leveraging product innovation and by having the widest assortment of coffee.”

Q. Your team is currently searching for an E-Commerce Merchandising Manager, what do you hope this person would bring to the greater team?

A. “We are looking for an entrepreneur that can both drive our brand stories and grow market share. More importantly, someone who can manage the business via the numbers, interpret results, and use that knowledge to drive future growth. They don’t necessarily need an E-Commerce background, but an understanding of how consumers shop online is certainly important!”

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