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Meet our Digital Marketing Director, Jim

November 8, 2017

“My role as the Director of Digital Marketing is to manage the digital marketing team within the Keurig.com E-Commerce group. We are responsible for the acquisition and retention of customers shopping for our brewers and hundreds of varieties of coffee. My team also manages our incredibly popular Auto Delivery program, which is an easy and flexible coffee subscription service that offers great discounts.”

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in the cities surrounding Burlington, MA?

A. “I feel like my family and I are in the city every weekend! I’m a big fan of the museums, we are at the Museum of Fine Arts a lot, my kids love it and it is one of my favorite spots in Boston. The other part that I think is really cool to explore is what’s called the Emerald Necklace, which is basically all of these parks that form a ring around the city. They go through the Fenway area and sort of wrap all around the city. I find that people don’t always know about it. You’re in the middle of an urban area and there’s all this beautiful parkland that you can explore!”

Q. As part of the Digital Marketing Team, what other teams do you actively work with on a day-to-day basis?

A. “What I love about this role is that we interact with so many teams, from the technology groups who keep our site and our marketing platforms running smoothly, to the creative and user experience teams that make Keurig.com look great and easy to use, and our product merchandising group – just to name a few. We also work with the teams doing our campaigns on TV and other types of media to make sure we can provide a great experience for those customers who see the campaign and then come to our site. I’m sure I’ve left a few groups out! Everyone here is incredibly collaborative and very friendly.”

Q. What is your favorite perk about working at Keurig (aside from all the free coffee)?

A. “The free coffee is awesome! Beyond that, I love the CAFE (Community Action For Employees) program, which is 52 paid volunteer hours a year that each employee can use for the charity of their choice. It’s an amazing benefit, I love that we have it – I think it says a lot about our culture. I am currently planning an event for our team to participate in. It’s been cool learning what causes people are interested in and how they spend their CAFÉ time.”

Q. What is your advice for anyone interested in pursuing a role in Digital Marketing at Keurig?

A. “In digital marketing it’s critically important to stay current on the latest trends. The industry moves so quickly and things are constantly changing so anyone interested in joining the team here has to stay on top of what’s happening in E-Commerce, digital marketing, social media, and in particular look at how other brands are using digital marketing, not just coffee brands but best-in-class experiences across other industries.”

Q.Being still relatively new to the company, what were you most surprised about when you first joined Keurig?

A. “It’s really amazing how well organized everything is and how process-focused we are. So you have this great brand and this product that people are passionate about, and behind it is a very efficient, data driven company. The second thing was how much we embrace the idea of testing. Many places talk about testing but here it’s a part of the culture. We test everything – every campaign, every site change, every new function. People here are very enthusiastic about trying new things, provided we test rigorously and have data to back it up, which is smart.”

Q. What is the most challenging part about your role?

A. “The biggest challenge we have is that the product we sell on Keurig.com you can buy at a number of other places. You can go to Amazon, Target, and other retailers that we have close relationships with, so we’re in this very unique position where we are a brand site, we are a direct manufacturer’s site, but we are not the only option for buying our product. On the E-Commerce side, this pushes us to differentiate ourselves – we can’t just be yet another site that sells our brewers and coffee, we need to go beyond the products and bring more value to our customers. Drinking coffee is an experience, a moment of relaxation by yourself or valuable time you spend with friends or family. People are passionate about their coffee. If we’re doing our job right, we’re enabling those experiences by helping people find coffee varieties that they like and doing more storytelling to explain why our coffee and our brewers are worth having. It helps that we can offer such a wide variety of brands like Starbucks®, Dunkin Donuts®, Peets®, Newman’s Own®, Hugh Jackman’s Laughing Man®, and of course Green Mountain Coffee®, and a ton more.”

Q. How do you see the Digital Marketing Team contributing to the success of Keurig Green Mountain?

A. “Above all, we need to help educate people on the benefits of switching from a tradition coffee maker to a single serve coffee maker. Right now there are a lot of households out there that don’t understand why they should switch. We have a responsibility to communicate that we do offer high quality coffee, a lot of brands to choose from, and that using our machines is a quick, convenient, easy way to have a great cup of coffee. I think we can do a lot to tell the story for why people should want to switch which will ultimately contribute to the success of Keurig.”

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