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Our Employees - Get to Know Us

Our employees are the compass that leads to our business success. They are also the most passionate ambassadors for our mission and culture. Read what it's like working at Keurig Green Mountain from members of our team across the company: James, Talent Acquisition Manager, Jennifer, Assistant to the CEO, Israel, Quality Manager, Frank, Group Lead, Packaging R&D, and Jennifer, Social Media Marketing Manager.

James Lisk, Talent Acquisition Manager at Keurig Green Mountain

 James, Talent Acquisition Manager

“My favorite part of my job is helping employees find a gratifying job where they get to be a part of a collaborative, unique culture. In my five years working for the company, I've recruited for every function and now I lead the recruiting efforts for Product Supply, IT, Technology, and International. It is fast-paced, ever-changing, and extremely collaborative. It's thrilling to be on the hunt for top talent in the industry and get to share the exciting work that we’re doing at Keurig Green Mountain. Along with the fast-paced work, there is a lot of autonomy in the roles here so you have the opportunity to own something and drive it to close. It comes down to the respect and trust people have for each other at Keurig Green Mountain up, down, and across the organization. One of the many reasons I stay at Keurig Green Mountain is because of my incredible team filled with people that care about me professionally and personally, and that are all so committed to each other's success.

“Our culture, in my eyes, is shaped by passion. Everyone you work with truly cares about growing the company. Our employees have a lot of heart. And it's great to have programs that support a passionate workforce like our CAFE time. Volunteerism is something you often let slip away from you as you get older so it is great to have time that you can step away from your desk and really have an impact on the community. I've always been involved in helping out with the Special Olympics and now I'm encouraged to take some time from the workday and give back to that non-profit.”

Jennifer Hall, Sr. Admin at Keurig Green Mountain

 Jennifer, Assistant to the CEO

“I could give you a list of reasons that make Keurig Green Mountain such a unique place to work, but I will give you three that standout most prominently for me. First, Keurig has a collaborative culture like none I have ever seen. Like many positions, my job is fast-paced and very dynamic. At any given time I could be pulled into a project that requires immediate attention. With the help of my amazing team and cross-functional team members, we eagerly accept every challenge and work together to accomplish the goal.

“Second, the Keurig leadership style provides each individual with the ability to make an impact. I continuously feel empowered to take initiative and mitigate problems as they arise. Other employers have been very rigid and procedure-driven. However, at Keurig, employee innovation is supported and encouraged to drive business improvements. I am never afraid to share new ideas that will help grow our business.

“Finally, and in my opinion one of the best reasons, are the countless opportunities that Keurig provides to get more involved. Whether it is getting involved in my community using my CAFE time, working on our site engagement committee planning local employee events, or evolving my career with our Learning & Development, there is always something to do. With so many moving parts at Keurig, getting more involved helps me meet people, understand the complexities of our business and learn how we all work together. At Keurig, you are encouraged to take advantage of every opportunity, which in turn, helps me better myself and the company.”

Israel Moreno-Lozano, Quality Manager at Keurig Green Mountain

 Israel, Quality Manager

“This past summer I went through Keurig Green Mountain's first Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification program within our Appliance Quality department. During the program, I led a process improvement project to enhance our consumer's experience and reduce the returns of clogged needles in the brewers. In the end, this project led to an estimated cost savings of around $1 million. Working in Appliance Quality, our focus has always been about ensuring the highest quality standards to our products and reducing waste and cost whenever possible. Now, our Lean Six Sigma team is branching out into a company-wide shift to promote effectiveness and efficiency in everything we do. It's exciting to be a part of a company that is always striving to be best-in-class as a business and give employees the tools to become more effective in our roles.

“The ability to make an impact at this company is unlike anywhere else that I've ever worked before. There is a freedom to make decisions and a sense of empowerment for employees to bring forward the ideas you have to improve our business. Our culture and employee mindset is a constant drive to improve how we operate, which fosters open dialogue from employees at all levels. We are not only encouraged to make improvements in the way we operate but also personally and professionally as individuals. The company offers many learning and development opportunities and there is constant communication about new classes, tools, or resources that are available to build on some important skills. Whether it’s building upon your professional skills or helping improve a company process, you are expected to do what is needed and Play to Win.”

Frank Fortin-Houle, Group Lead, Packaging R&D at Keurig Green Mountain

 Frank, Group Lead, Packaging R&D

”As someone who thrives off adventure in my personal life, I need a job that will keep me on my toes. That holds true with my role at Keurig. Working on the Development team, my career has been molded by our company’s desire to create innovative products. I've been able to work on our groundbreaking new technology, which is a dream come true for any engineer. Today, I lead a team focused on the design of our secondary and tertiary packaging. It’s a great feeling to see the direct impact of your daily work on the shelves of any supermarket.”

“We are a fairly young company for our size and influence. The company is still evolving and we are learning along the way. This makes working here so dynamic and fast-paced. Employees feel empowered and encouraged to help shape our organization. Through our company’s evolution, we are always guided by our core company values. Innovation is what first attracted me to the world of engineering so the company value of Innovate with Passion inspires everything I do. Brew a Better World is another value that attracted me to Keurig Green Mountain. Corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship is something I highly value in an employer so it’s great to work for a company with sustainability top of mind. ”

Jennifer Lambert, Social Marketing Manager at Keurig Green Mountain

 Jennifer, Social Marketing Manager

“I've been able to create my own career path at Keurig Green Mountain since I started the day after I graduated college. I began on the Digital Direct team as a marketing coordinator and when our leaders noticed that our consumers were talking about us on Facebook, they let me manage our social media accounts on the side. Nine years later, I've been able to build and manage our social media presence for our brands with over 4 million people that follow our channels. Our channels really get to tell our brand story and teach consumers how Keurig® and Green Mountain Coffee® fit into your lifestyle. One of my favorite campaigns to work on each year is the "Battle of the Brews" inspired by spring college basketball tournament. I think it's a great way to keep our brand relevant for popular events happening and it also fuels my competitive nature."

"One of the common themes about working for Keurig Green Mountain and on the Social Media team that I love is that it's always fast-paced and changing. No two days are the same because trends in social media are always shifting and our company is evolving. The drastic growth we've had over the years has really taught me to adapt and stay nimble. Being on the frontline with our consumers, you really get a pulse on the company and our products in real time, which is exciting!