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Our Employees - Get to Know Us

Our employees are the compass that leads to our business success. They are also the most passionate ambassadors for our mission and culture. Read what it's like working at Keurig Green Mountain from members of our team across the company: Kimberly, Business Analytics Manager, Russ, Director of Price & Trade Strategy, Valerie, Sr. Director of Talent Aquisition, Andi, Project Engineer, and Jennifer, Social Media Marketing Manager.

Kimberly Taft, Business Analytics Manager at Keurig Green Mountain

 Kimberly, Business Analytics Manager

“Revenue Growth Management (RGM) is not only new to our company but also to the Consumer Packaged Goods world, so when I was given the opportunity to join the new team at Keurig Green Mountain, I jumped on it! Today, I manage sales planning for our customer-facing sales teams focused on forecasting, analytics, and reporting. When you’re creating complex models to creatively solve a puzzle, Excel spreadsheets are anything but mundane. The RGM team is really enthusiastic about the work we are doing, the team we are building, and how we can contribute to the long term success of the company. Our personalities are a mix of the effervescent style that works well with Sales and the focused and analytical mindset of Finance.

“It was the brand names that first attracted me to work for Keurig Green Mountain. Growing up in Vermont, both the Green Mountain Coffee and Keurig brands are extremely well-known not only for their great products but also for being a part of a company that was a great place to work. Who wouldn't love the free beverage benefit with over 400 beverages to choose from? I love trying the new flavors that float around the office before they hit the store shelves. I stay with Keurig Green Mountain not just for the products but our company values, our aspirations, and our people.”

Russ Keene, Director of Price & Trade Strategy at Keurig Green Mountain

 Russ, Director of Price & Trade Strategy

“I’ve learned by working at Keurig Green Mountain that you can do great things when you are really passionate about what you do. Our company’s business model is so enticing with its large complexities. We sell our own beverage brands, licensed brands, and partner brands that all work in the same appliance - that we also sell! There are a lot of nuances but it's thrilling to work on and figure out the business complexities! My team, Price and Trade Strategy, works to these complexities and determines how we bring products to market with pricing, ROI, and analysis. My favorite thing about my role is the ability to use our data and analytics to influence decisions and see immediate results. If we run a promotion at one of our big retailers, you can see the sales results pretty instantly and dive in to figure out what caused the outcome.

“Our team is growing and it's an exciting place to be right now. Anyone interested in joining our team should be very comfortable with white space since we are building processes from scratch as efficiently and effectively as possible. Having a strong work ethic, thirst for knowledge, and intellectually curiosity is the key to success here.”

Valerie Frissora, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition at Keurig Green Mountain

 Valerie, Sr. Director of Talent Acquisition

“Keurig Green Mountain has given me such a wide range of experience to grow my career portfolio from the functions I support to the projects I’ve been able to lead. I first started off my career at Keurig working in Human Resources (HR) with our Sales, Marketing, and Commercialization functions then supporting our Product Supply non-manufacturing team and now leading our Talent Acquisition department. I’ve had the opportunity to partner with the departments that handle the very beginning of our supply chain to departments who work marketing products to the end customer which has given me the breadth and depth of knowledge about how our business functions.

“One of my favorite things about my job is the ability to work with such amazing, respectful employees. Throughout my professional career I've never worked with employees that are as down-to-earth, passionate, collaborative, and supportive as they are at Keurig Green Mountain. A year-and-a-half ago, I was given the opportunity to lead the Employee Value Proposition strategy for the company, which is something I've been very passionate about developing. We dived deep into why people choose to join Keurig Green Mountain and what keeps them happy and engaged once they’re here. Because of our research during the project, we've been able to launch important programs our employees wanted, such as more robust career development and training.”

Andi Babbs, Project Engineer I at Keurig Green Mountain

 Andi, Project Engineer I

"I've always been a lover of beverages so when my friends found out I was working at Keurig Green Mountain, no one was surprised. The copious amount of beverages this company produces - and employees consume - makes it such a unique working environment. I've worked here for about a year in the Technology rotational program called Rotating in Science and Engineering (RISE). For the three year program, I will rotate into a new specialty within our engineering department every six months. As a new graduate, this gives me great exposure to different functions within our company. Right now my rotation is within the secondary and tertiary packaging group redesigning the shape of our cartons. I'm working closely with our Marketing department on the design of the boxes to see how the consumer will react to the new design on store shelves. This cross-functional project has really opened my eyes to new areas of the business.

“One of the values I feel a strong connection to is Brew a Better World. It was a big pull on why I came to work here. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was heavily involved in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and knew that I wanted to continue it in my professional career. Through the Keurig CAFE program, I've been able to volunteer my time to help set up a new SWE collegiate interest group at one of the local liberal arts colleges in the area. I can use the 52 paid hours of volunteer time to give workshops and host networking events for the next generation of engineers.

Jennifer Lambert, Social Marketing Manager at Keurig Green Mountain

 Jennifer, Social Marketing Manager

“I've been able to create my own career path at Keurig Green Mountain since I started the day after I graduated college. I began on the Digital Direct team as a marketing coordinator and when our leaders noticed that our consumers were talking about us on Facebook, they let me manage our social media accounts on the side. Nine years later, I've been able to build and manage our social media presence for our brands with over 4 million people that follow our channels. Our channels really get to tell our brand story and teach consumers how Keurig® and Green Mountain Coffee® fit into your lifestyle. One of my favorite campaigns to work on each year is the "Battle of the Brews" inspired by spring college basketball tournament. I think it's a great way to keep our brand relevant for popular events happening and it also fuels my competitive nature."

"One of the common themes about working for Keurig Green Mountain and on the Social Media team that I love is that it's always fast-pasted and changing. No two days are the same because trends in social media are always shifting and our company is evolving. The drastic growth we've had over the years has really taught me to adapt and stay nibble. Being on the frontline with our consumers, you really get a pulse on the company and our products in real time, which is exciting!