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Our Sumner, Washington location is in pleasant town bustling with bookshops, antique stores, and great restaurants. It’s just 40-miles south of Seattle and 15-miles east of Tacoma. Known as the "Rhubarb Pie Capital of the World" – and what goes better with pie than great coffee?– Sumner is an ideal place to enjoy a fantastic quality of life. Our manufacturing and distribution facility in Washington roasts, grinds, and package quality beans from around the world, and prepares coffees and teas to be distributed around the country.

 Hear from Ralph, our Operations Project Manager, to see why he loves to live and work in Sumner, WA.

Q: What is the highlight of living in the area?
A: The beautiful view of Mount Rainier, the proximity to the Pudget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, and the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. 

Q: What is it like to live in Sumner?
A: Sumner has a small town charm. It is close to the big hubbub of Seattle and Tacoma but it keeps its small town feel.

Q: Have any fun facts about Sumner?
A: The name of the town was literally pulled from a hat!