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Our Locations


Located in the charming town of Windsor, you’ll find one of our newest facilities. Windsor is located just 30-minutes outside of Norfolk, VA. The area is loaded with historical museums and parks, and is home to the world’s largest naval base. Employees in our Virginia location roast, grind, and package quality beans from around the world, and prepare coffee to be distributed around the country. The daily efforts of our vibrant workforce push forward our purpose to create the ultimate beverage experience.

  • Employees in Windsor, VA completing their Dale Carnegie training in the training room.
  • Keurig's breakroom in Windsor, VA.
  • Keurig's team in coffee grinding in Windsor, VA.
  • Keurig's shipping and receiving area in Windsor, VA.

 Hear from Brian, our Plant Engineering Manager, to see why he loves to live and work in Windsor.

Q: How would you describe the culture of the area?
A: It’s quite diverse because of the military population. People come from all over – a huge diversity of backgrounds!

Q: Why is Windsor a great location for work?
A: It’s a small town so you miss all the traffic of the larger towns and cities, while still being conveniently located close to the bigger metropolis.

Q: What are the biggest highlights of living in Windsor?
A: The history in the area. There are tons of museums and we’re close to Washington, DC. The military bases bring such a unique culture. The coastal proximity allows for a ton of water-based recreation.