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Our Locations


Being both site of our first café and corporate headquarters makes Vermont a special place for us. Most of our locations are close to Burlington – Vermont’s largest city and cultural center (often ranked as a best place to live) – and neighbors the world-recognized and scenic Stowe, VT. Our locations in Vermont are a mix of historic New England buildings and modern offices, all with views of Vermont’s picturesque Green Mountains. Keurig Green Mountain has a large presence in Vermont and is home to the #1 coffee brand in single-serve, our flagship coffee brand, Green Mountain Coffee®. We have several offices across the northern half of the state with three manufacturing sites, corporate offices, and our state-of-the-art beverage R&D center.

Several corporate functions are split in-between our Vermont and Massachusetts offices. Our South Burlington location houses HR, Legal, Finance, and IT. We have a large part of our Marketing team based in Waterbury. 

Beverage R&D
Our state of the art Beverage R&D location is based in the scenic Waterbury Center area. This is where all of our beverage development happens. Our hot Early Production Center is conveniently located 5-minutes down the road. 

Three of our eight US manufacturing plants are located in Vermont. Our Essex plant is the largest with new, innovative technology. Our Waterbury plant is our Early Production Site for all new hot pods.  
  • Employees in Waterbury, VT are greeted each day by the Green Mountain Coffee Cafe and Visitor Center.
  • Our Waterbury, VT Early Production Center develops and tests all manufacturing and team upgrades before they hit our other 8 sites.
  • The R&D Center in Waterbury Center, VT features a large, airy breakroom with mountain views.
  • The R&D Center in Waterbury Center, VT features a large, airy breakroom with mountain views.

 Hear from Patrick, our Sr. Benefits Analyst in HR, about why he enjoys living and working in Vermont.  

Q: Biggest highlight of the area? 
A: Outdoor activities in all seasons—there’s always something going on: bike rides, organized and otherwise, mountain biking is starting to grow, antique car show in august, hot air balloon festival in July, British sportscars in September. 

Q: Favorite place to go in the area?
A: Mount Mansfield and the Stowe area in general. People flock to Stowe from all over the world, and the fact that that’s right in our backward is pretty cool.

Q: How would you describe the culture of Vermont?
A: I would say generally very friendly people throughout, jobs are fast-paced but the overall pace of life is very different as a city lifestyle. People make time for recreation in Vermont more than most places. There’s a general friendliness about Vermont and the people that live here.

 Erik, Product Development Scientist, relocated from the West Coast to Vermont and has fallen in love with the area.

Q: What do you like most about living here?
A: I'd say that the best things about living in Vermont are the nature, the people, and the culture. Vermont has so many great bike trails and hiking trails to take advantage of and the beauty of the Green Mountains makes the drive to work more enjoyable. 

Q: How would you describe the culture  of Vermont?

A: Given the majestic beauty of the nature of Vermont, there’s a strong sense of environmental stewardship in the culture, with an emphasis on sustainability and eating locally. Vermont’s spirit is also evident in its history: the first state to outlaw slavery and the first state give full-marriage rights to same-sex couples, Vermont is a leader in progressive politics. 

Q: Three words to describe Vermont? 
A: Environmentally-conscious, unpretentious, progressive.

 Jill, Product Supply Analyst, works in our beautiful Waterbury campus. See her thoughts of living and working in the area. 

Q: What is one of the biggest highlights about living in the area?
A: The delicious food! From the craft beer to the farm-to-table food, there is no shortage of good restaurants. There are awesome farmers markers where you can get freshly made and locally grown food.

Q: How would you describe the culture of Waterbury?
A: Relaxed and inviting. Everyone is centered around a balanced life where you work hard and play hard. The culture is also very inclusive of all type of people.

Q: Any hidden spots you would recommend in the area?
A: I love all outdoor adventures so one of my favorite hikes to do in the fall is to the top of Pinnacle. It is a steep but relatively short hike with beautiful views of two valleys and Mount Mansfield without a crowd.