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Our Locations


Massachusetts is the hub of our brewer technology business. Just 17 miles northwest of Boston, our Massachusetts employees are in the heart of a thriving cultural scape. The greater Boston area is known for its coastal, historic New England charm, world-class education, and in-patient hospitals. Keen on innovation and collaboration, our Burlington, MA site houses everything from our brewer R&D labs to Human Resources. Our teams here are at the forefront of Keurig Green Mountain’s latest technology and innovation; they work collaboratively day-in and day out to help define the future of beverage preparation.

  • The Keurig Green Mountain lobby in Burlington, MA.
  • Keurig's Burlington, MA location features a dozen collaboration spaces.
  • Keurig Green Mountain's Burlington location includes a full cafeteria, ripe for luncheons and company meetings alike.
  • Keurig Green Mountain's Burlington location includes a full cafeteria, ripe for luncheons and company meetings alike.
  • Each floor's breakroom in Burlington, MA is a unique ode to the beverages Keurig makes.
  • Each floor is filled with offices, open work space, and collaboration nooks and crannies.
  • Keurig's Burlington, MA site features a full gym and fitness classes.
  • The skywalk connecting the R&D facilities with the other side of the building in MA.

 Hear from Cameron, Director of Engineering, about why he loves to live and work in the Greater Boston area.

Q: What is the biggest highlight of living near Burlington, MA?
A: Just how easy it is to get into Boston for museums, events, and sports, not to mention getting to the beaches on the seacoast and New Hampshire for hiking.

Q: Any hidden spots in the area to recommend?
A: We love to go kayaking on the Charles River. There’s a few different places to rent kayaks and you can explore a ton of the river— you’ll pass right underneath Mass Pike and then all of a sudden you’re secluded in nature with fish jumping all around you.

Q: How would you describe the area in three words?
A: Technology, education, accessible.

 Christine, Sr. Marketing Manager, explains why she loves the area.

Q: What are the biggest highlights about living in Burlington, MA?
A: I love being part of a smaller community yet with fantastic accessibility to the bigger city of Boston - the best of both worlds. I moved here a few months ago and am having a great time exploring the area – finding new restaurants, new running trails and exploring new towns.

Q: How would you describe the culture?
A: The culture is very friendly and warm.  I have gotten into great conversations with members of the community - in the street, while on a run, and even at the next table in restaurants. I have collected many tips on where to go and things to do. 

Q: Could you describe Burlington, MA in three words?
A: Spirited, historical, fantastic.