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Rooted in southern hospitality and charm, our Douglasville, GA team gets to take part in our latest innovation: Keurig® KOLD. Our coolest site to-date, Douglasville is situated just east of Atlanta, and offers a small town-feel with all of the conveniences of living near a big city. Facility production focuses entirely on the coolest thing to happen to cold drinks by producing pods for Keurig® KOLD.

 Hear from Amy, our Sr. Administrative Assistance for Cold Operations, on why she loves the area.

Q: What’s the best highlight of living in Douglasville?
A: Not only do you have the modern necessities of popular stores and events, but you’re a stone’s throw away from rural farm life and spacious rolling hills. The best of both worlds!

Q: What would you recommend to someone visiting the area?
A:  Try the food! You can find great southern meals from Creole to etouffee to jambalaya and boiled crawfish. Most of our seafood is fresh from the waters of the Louisiana bayous, the Gulf of Mexico, and the eastern US coast.

Q: Describe the culture of Douglasville.
A: Laid back, sweet, and filled with southern charm.

 Hear why Mike, Director of Operations, loves living in the area.

Q: Tell me your favorite thing about Douglasville?
A: Definitely the friendly people!

Q: Are there any hidden spots people may not know in the area?
A: Sweet Water Creek Park. There are bike trails and hiking for miles.

Q: How would you describe living in Douglasville?
A: Small town feel while offering bigger town activities such as music, restaurants, parks, and attractions.