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What's it like to Intern at Keurig?

What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates? Hear from a few of our past interns, co-ops, and recent graduates below:

"Keurig is a great place to intern or co-op because of the unique work environment. Everyone’s work and input is valued equally. You’re given the opportunity to work on innovative projects that are important to the business and will eventually be implemented. The most exciting project I worked on was the design of the new Early Product Center in Williston, VT. This internship marked my first employment experience related to my field and left me with valuable food and beverage industry exposure, improved technical competency, professional connections, and lifelong friends. I would encourage students to apply to Keurig if they want to work in a collaborative, results-oriented environment where they can be challenged. My summer with Keurig Green Mountain was the most exciting of my life.” — Chris, Packaging Engineering Intern
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"When you are an intern or co-op at Keurig Green Mountain, there is no such thing as busy-work. Every single project that I was given was of critical importance to the Company. Your ideas are heard, your solutions are seriously considered, and you have access to every single individual in the company from Plant Directors, Directors of Engineering, to VPs, and even the CEO. Every project that I worked on during my co-op is still being used by the Company today. That gives me a great sense of satisfaction, achievement, and happiness. Knowing that the efforts of a co-op or intern are honored and used in integral parts of the business is really heart-warming. That said, I am most proud of the truly beautiful and innovative people I met during my co-op!”

Salman, Engineering Co-Op, now full-time Manufacturing Leadership Rotational Program
University of Tennessee—

What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates
“I loved interning with Keurig Green Mountain for so many reasons. Everyone I met was passionate and talented and it made for a very positive and encouraging workplace. From day one my team members trusted me with my work and made me feel like a part of the team. At Keurig you are not just an intern; you are a valuable team member whose contributions impact the team as a whole. Having that level of autonomy and responsibility as an intern is a rare and unbelievably valuable experience. I encourage any student considering an internship or co-op to do it with Keurig.” — Sarah, Fraud Prevention Intern
Georgia Institute of Technology
“As an intern with Keurig Green Mountain I was given the opportunity to work on the K-Carafe™ pod lines to help find a solution to a problem they were experiencing when the pod was being filled in production. After surveying the issue I was able to come up with a preliminary design for an addition to the machine that allowed it to continue production without issue. This was especially rewarding as it was my design that was selected and used today.

What I loved most about my experience with Keurig Green Mountain was just how appreciative everyone was to have your help. ‘Thank you’ was one of the most common phrases I heard during my internship. It was very motivating to know that others really appreciate the work you do!” 

Basak, Engineering Intern, now full-time Manufacturing Leadership Rotational Program
Florida State University —
What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates?
“The people at Keurig Green Mountain are what make it an amazing place to intern. Not only are they welcoming and happy to answer any questions you might have, but they also assign interns exciting and important projects to work on. As an intern in R&D, I was encouraged to design my own experiments and to take the lead on several projects. If I could give advice to anyone considering an opportunity with Keurig it would be to take it. Keurig is a great place to develop your skills both personally and professionally. Your coworkers will be happy to include you on an ongoing project or help you create a new one. When you walk in the door every morning there is always something new and exciting to get involved in!” — Olivia, R&D Product Development Intern
University of Connecticut
"The Company value that relates to my experience at Keurig Green Mountain the most would have to be ‘Innovate with Passion.’ As a Portfolio Coordinator Intern I was given the flexibility and freedom to think up various ways to assist my department. This started out small with organizing data and learning skills relating to Company tools, but then quickly expanded into greater tasks including the creation of a weekly portfolio report for financial data. My passion definitely led me to innovate, thinking of possible problems to fix, and ways to help drive business forward."

Evan , IT Portfolio Coordinator Intern
University of Pennsylvania—
Interning at Keurig Green Mountain in R&D