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What's it like to Intern at Keurig?

What has made the Keurig Green Mountain experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates? We sat down with a few students to find out, hear what they had to say:

How would you describe the culture at Keurig Green Mountain?

"The culture at Keurig Green Mountain is one that encourages you to join the conversation and sit at the table, so to speak. No matter who you are your ideas are welcomed and respected; you are expected and encouraged to participate. I feel empowered to take charge of my learning and projects, and I leave each day wanting to come back for more! (That’s why I’ve interned here three times!)"
“Everyone that I’ve had the chance to interact with has truly viewed me as a valued employee- not just a summer intern. Each person I’ve worked with is very knowledgeable and hardworking, but also knows how to have fun at work. This comes through when I’m asked about my weekend before we talk projects, deadlines, and meetings. During these past three months, I’ve worked really hard, but I’ve enjoyed coming to work each day because of the people I was surrounded by.”

“The culture at Keurig Green Mountain is positive, encouraging, innovative and inclusive. I have found that nearly every employee at the company share similar values and the desire to improve. I have found through my role as an intern, people are more than willing to take time from their busy schedules to lend a helping hand, or simply listen to your ideas. The most important/impressive part of the culture to me was the company’s emphasis on giving back to the community in which they participate through a volunteer program called CAFE time."
The culture at Keurig is one that is socially open but gets down to business. I appreciated the casual dress and the freedom to get up and talk to people. This freedom translated to work, as interns had the ability to take their projects where they wanted to without anyone questioning each decision.”
What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates

Do you have any advice for other students who are looking for internships and/or co-ops?

“My advice is to really put in effort to find a company that will work well for you. Ask about their culture and try to figure out how much of your work will be up to you to lead and how much will just be handed to you to complete. It’s hard to be choosy when you are a first time intern, but finding a place where you will be happy and can direct some of your own work can make or break your summer experience.”
“For anyone looking for internships, I would recommend applying to jobs outside of your comfort zone. I live and go to school in the Midwest, so working in Vermont was a very new experience for me. A summer is only three months, so don’t be afraid to move far from home and try something new- you will grow so much professionally as well as personally.”

“Do not limit yourself to staying close to home. Coming from someone who moved over 10-hours from my home state of Michigan to Vermont, I was definitely anxious to start a new job in an unfamiliar place, but it has proven to be one of the best experiences of my young career thus far. If you are given the opportunity to explore a new environment, and make new connections that will last through your professional career and beyond – take it.
I would advise other students looking for internships to find a place where they can explore all aspects of the company. At Keurig I had the opportunity to learn from not only people in my department, but across the organization, from coffee roasting to supply chain to R&D.”

What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates?

Do you think the experiences you had during your time with Keurig will prepare you for your career after college?

“I absolutely think the experiences I had during my internship have prepared me for my career after college. From professional communication and presence, to technical skills, to day-to-day interactions with coworkers; I feel prepared to start my career with the confidence that I am capable in my skills and ability to adapt and be versatile on the job."
“Absolutely! The level of project management I was exposed to gave me a good glimpse into full time work. The responsibilities my manager trusted me with showed me she really valued my work and input. I was given the independence to take complete ownership of my projects, and I never felt like I was just “an intern” at the company –which I think both are rare to find in an internship. The level of support I received from my manager and mentor, as well as everyone I worked with, made me feel like I was already full time- which really helped prepare me for my career after college.”
“Yes, I think my experience at Keurig certainly has prepared me for my career following graduation. From my experience interns are treated as full-time employees in the sense that we are responsible for managing our time, were given the freedom to manage our own projects, and work we did was valued as much as the full-time employee sitting beside us. This internship definitely gave me a realistic expectation of what to expect once we join the professional world.”
“I absolutely believe that through this experience I am better equipped with stronger technical and communication skills that translate to many engineering fields and industries that I might find myself in after college. The freedom within Keurig pushes you to network and acquire resources which build personal initiative and knowledge.”

What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates
What did you enjoy most about your experience with Keurig Green Mountain?

“What I enjoyed most about interning with Keurig Green Mountain was how I felt valued. That stemmed from the culture of respect and inclusion, to everyone being authentic, to doing meaningful work that will be impactful beyond my time here. Every day I felt that my contributions were valuable and this made my whole experience more enjoyable."
“I think Keurig Green Mountain gave me a very well-rounded internship experience. All of the interns worked on projects that were real needs of the business, not just busy work. Lunch and learns were set up to learn more about the company as a whole and get more exposure to other departments. We were expected to work hard, but also have a fun summer. Escape the Room, bowling, and a Boston Red Sox Game were a few of the things that we were able to do as a group. My summer was packed with challenging work and a lot of fun, and I enjoyed every minute of it!”

I enjoyed the extracurricular activities that were planned for us in and outside of work as part of the intern program. We did numerous fun activities such as bowling, an escape room, and intern barbeques which really helped us bond as a group and feel comfortable, through team building. Some other great events planned for interns were our weekly lunch and learns where we would be given a presentation from an expert in the organization which really helped us understand how the company functions as a whole, outside of our individual departments.”
“I enjoyed working on the very technical side of things in system modeling and engineering but then seeing how it translated to our end product by working with the sensory and beverage teams and learning how to taste and evaluate coffee that I made. This experience made me realize and appreciate the work done in the consumer goods industry, and how Keurig shapes consumer experience and everyday life through its products.”

What has made the Keurig experience such a unique and meaningful internship for hundreds of students and recent graduates

What’s something about your experience that you didn’t expect?

“I didn’t expect to genuinely be treated like a salaried employee. Your time and projects are yours to own and manage. There was a great balance between guidance and independence that allowed me to be pushed outside my comfort zone and really stretch my learning. It’s difficult to imagine interns are given such autonomy and respect at other companies.”
“Learning about coffee sensory and being able to partake in coffee cupping was something that I didn’t expect I would get the chance to do. It was a fun additional experience and a perk of working for a coffee company. I get to say that I not only gained valuable work experience, but I also immersed myself into the world of coffee. Understanding all of the work that goes into producing a cup of great coffee allowed me to be more passionate about my work and the projects.”

I did not expect to form such meaningful relationships with fellow interns and coworkers in the organization. Through our planned activities and individual projects I was able to form personal connections with many interns and employees, and expand my network significantly. I appreciate that Keurig really emphasizes the Partner for Mutual Success value in everyday work.”
“Even though I was based in Massachusetts, I was able to visit the Waterbury, Vermont site and see the coffee roasting and packaging first hand. Everyone I encountered at Keurig was excited and interested to hear about the work I was doing. It was clear that my projects, both independent and team-based, were valuable to the company.”

Interning at Keurig Green Mountain in R&D

How did your project work align with Keurig’s values?

“All of my project work required me to live the Partner for Mutual Success value because you can’t work in a vacuum. No project can progress if all decisions and steps relevant to it are done in a vacuum without consideration of the other departments/programs/people it touches. I had many opportunities to seek feedback from others about my work and reach out to them for help and expectation setting."
"We Play to Win: I can honestly say that I had fun every day that I came to work. Everyone I worked with was so knowledgeable and hardworking, but they also recognized that a positive environment is conducive to great work. My manager and mentor made sure that I was enjoying and having fun with my projects, which I think ultimately made me successful in my time with Keurig Green Mountain.”

“My project directly related to one of Keurig’s values and their views on sustainability. Over the summer I was able to work on a project that focuses on the energy consumption of the company’s equipment we use to create our K-Cup® pods. The goal here was to observe patterns and conclude ways to improve and reduce our direct energy usage to become more efficient and Brew a Better World®.”
“I believe my project stood for Innovating with Passion. Through the work that I have done, we are able to define the space for improvement in coffee extraction and overall consumer experience. It shows that we have been relying on our designs for a long time, and while they have been good enough, it’s time we innovate and improve our product.”