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Engaging Our People and Communities

The Keurig Green Mountain of today is an innovative, technology-driven personal beverage system company with more than 6,100 employees across the United States and Canada. That’s quite a shift from our modest beginnings 30-plus years ago as a small, Vermont-based café that aspired to serve exceptional coffee. 

Our culture and organizational strengths have been key enablers of our tremendous growth and are a source of pride for each of us. Fiscal 2013 was a year of continued evolution as we look toward our future and build upon the values that have made us so successful. We modified our corporate structure by moving from three separate business units to an integrated and aligned unified company; clarified our key business objectives; and further refined our values to achieve our updated mission of a Keurig® brewer on every counter and a beverage for every occasion. (See the Overview section for more on our strategy and realignment.)

Our people are the reason for our success, and we focus on developing them to their full potential and engaging each individual in meaningful ways both at work and within his or her broader communities. This is especially important in relation to one of our new 2020 sustainability targets:

  • Engage 100% of employees to understand our vision and values and present opportunities that allow them to contribute to our targets.
We believe strongly that when our people thrive, our business thrives. And so do our communities.

Keurig Green Mountain has a deep history of creating positive and sustainable change for communities and the environment in the places where we operate. As part of our updated sustainability strategy, we have set an ambitious new global target: 

  • Provide access to clean water to 1 million people worldwide by 2020.
(Please see the Overview section for more details on our work related to water.)
As we move toward a more holistic and strategic philanthropic approach, we will continue to support local communities and nonprofits through grants, volunteerism, and product donation programs that benefit our communities, engage our employees, and strengthen our business.

Please see the Resilient Supply Chain section for information about our programs and activities that contribute to our supplier communities (e.g., at the farms that grow the raw ingredients for our beverages and at the manufacturing facilities that assemble our beverage brewers).