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Recyclable K-Cup® Pods

Recyclable K-Cup® pods available in 2016!

Our first recyclable K-Cup® pods will be available for purchase on Keurig.com and Keurig.ca in 2016. We’re excited to take this first step toward achieving our recyclability goal - 100-percent of K-Cup® pods will be recyclable by 2020.

We wanted to do more than just produce a recyclable K-Cup® pod; we wanted to design a recyclable K-Cup® pod that can be easily recycled in community programs. Based on our testing with materials recyclers and collaboration with industry partners, we think we are making good progress.

We are using polypropylene #5 plastic for our recyclable K-Cup® pods. It performs well in our brewing system, is accepted in a majority of communities, and is a material in high demand.

K-Cup® pod

Vue® pod

K-Mug pod

K-Carafe pod

Our Vue®, K-Carafe, and K-Mug pods already offer consumers recyclable options. Beginning in 2016, consumers will also be able to purchase recyclable K-Cup® pods.* Just peel, empty, and recycle! Learn more about recycling our pods at www.keurigrecycling.com. *Check locally for plastics recyclability in your community.

We're working directly with recyclers and other partners to ensure that our recyclable K-Cup® pods can be easily recycled in curbside bins and that they will find a second life.

There are multiple ways
to responsibly dispose of used pods:

Curbside recycling


Where available, our recyclable pods can be recycled in community programs — using existing recycling infrastructure. We’re working to improve U.S. recycling infrastructure and to enhance small item recovery through a $5 million investment in the Closed Loop Fund.

Our programs for business customers convert used K-Cup® pods into alternative energy. We currently offer one nationwide program and one pilot in select regions. So far in the United States, we’ve recovered more than 27 million K-Cup® pods, producing an estimated 975 kWh of electricity, through our Grounds to Grow On program.

Learn more at keurigrecycling.com.

Giving K-Cup® pods a second life

To help ensure that used K-Cup® pods are transformed into other useful consumer goods, we participate in organizations, such as The Association of Plastics Recyclers, that are working to understand the supply and demand for recovered polypropylene #5 plastic and to encourage its use in new products.