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Our Commitment to Water Stewardship

Water is a critical natural resource that is of strategic importance to our business, our stakeholders, and the communities in which we operate. Through our products, operations, and supply chain, we strive to be water stewards and create a positive impact on both the quality and the availability of water.

By combining our strengths in sustainability and innovation, and partnering with organizations with complementary strengths, we believe our Company can uniquely contribute to local and global water challenges. In fact, by 2020 we aim to provide access to clean water to 1 million people worldwide in addition to educating and mobilizing North Americans around the water crisis. To accomplish these goals, in 2014 we made a commitment to partners working to address the water crisis challenging the world. Read more about our partners here

At the same time, we’re looking at the contributions our products can make. The Keurig® Brewing System uses water from the tap and only uses amounts of water that will be consumed. Smart use of water is so important in a world where millions of people lack access to clean water. Our innovative system means we don’t ship water around, and we don’t throw out water in the form of wasted coffee. In fact, brewing with the Keurig® hot platform saves 25 liters of water per 8 ounce cup compared with brewing a full pot of coffee. 

In addition, for many years, we have focused within our supply chain on the water-energy-food nexus — a critical intersection for building a resilient supply chain. In fiscal 2013, we launched several long-term projects to help supply chain communities improve their water stewardship.

Closer to home, our employees volunteer within our communities on projects to restore local waterways. 

Within our own operations, we recently undertook a water footprinting exercise to gain a better understanding of our overall impact. We do not currently track our direct water use on an ongoing basis because we use relatively little water to manufacture our products. We will begin to report our water use if it becomes more material to our operations.

Read our Water Policy here.