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Have a Cup of Coffee - Product Donations

December 5, 2016

Product donations are an important part of Keurig Green Mountain’s support of our communities. We offer in-kind donations of brewers and beverages to nonprofit, community, and municipal organizations within our operating regions. We also work closely with food banks and other organizations to ensure excess inventory goes to good use. This ties to our 2020 target of achieving zero waste-to-landfill at our manufacturing and distribution facilities. By partnering with food banks, like Food Banks Canada and Feeding America, we can avoid sending excess product to landfill and strengthen connections with local communities. In our fiscal 2015, we presented over $200,000 in donated products, including over 1,000 Keurig® brewers. 

In our fiscal 2016, Keurig Green Mountain presented over $200,000 in donated products, including over 1,000 Keurig® brewers.

In fiscal 2015, we continued our relationship with Holy Joe’s Café, which sets up cafés on military bases in combat zones and keeps them stocked with coffee. We began partnering with the nonprofit organization in 2007 and have since provided thousands of pounds of coffee to U.S. bases to be served at Holy Joe’s Cafés and military hospitals. In fiscal 2016, Keurig provided 4,312 pallets of product, or approximately 38 million K-Cup® pods, to bases in 46 different countries served by Holy Joe’s Cafés.

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